Bacon-and-Egg Stuffed Avocado

These tempting bacon-and-egg stuffed avocados with Tex-Mex flavors are perfect for a weekend brunch. Click here for this succulent recipe.

Peppered Bacon-Wrapped Beef Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Compound Butter

The holidays create a perfect excuse to impress guests, especially with an indulgent meal featuring beef, bacon, whiskey and cheese! Click here now for details on how to prepare this succulent entree.

Ham Tacos

Change up regular tacos for these ones made with honey ham and crunchy cabbage slaw. Click here for full details on this recipe.

Bourbon Bacon & Pecan Pie

Toasting the pecans beforehand brings out their nutty sweetness, which is perfectly complemented by the sweet filling and the slightly smoky finish from the savory bacon. Click here for the recipe.

It’s Fiesta Friday!

You Know What That Means…. TACOS!

It’s Fiesta Friday!! We’re back in Nashville cooking up some crowd-pleasing goodness. It’s our take on carnitas tacos made with our delicious Sweet Honey Ham. Tune into Today in Nashville for all the tasteful fun as Brooklyn Maple shows us how to whip up this Mexican treat. If you didn’t see it live, check it out here.

Exploration Station is On a Roll

Exploration Station is making a difference!

Exploration Station was developed during the spring of 2016 at the behest of DCPS elementary school principals to help address “Summer Slide”. Summer Slide is the loss of learning that takes place during breaks from academic activity.

Specialty Foods Group is a proud sponsor of Exploration Station. Since it began operation more than 325 children per week have utilized educational services on the bus. While each site offers different services based upon student educational needs, most neighborhood visits feature some combination of reading and literacy skills, math skills and games, science experiments, physical activities and arts and crafts. In addition to academic resources, students at most sites are also provided with a nutritious lunch through the DCPS Summer Feeding Program.

Check out this short video and see what happens when you pack a whole lot of fun learning experiences into one big bus. We call it the Exploration Station.

Mutton Glutton Challenge World Record

Kentucky Legend Sponsors First Ever Mutton Eating Contest

The best eaters from around the world gathered at 2017 Int’l BBQ Festival Mutton Glutton Slider Challenge. The rules, eat as many sliders as possible in 10 minutes. The purse, $4000. Who wouldn’t want to chow down some mutton sliders for that prize money? Joey Chestnut, the current #1 ranked competitive eater, sure did. Scarfing down 55 mutton sliders in the allotted time, Joey Chestnut not only won, he set a world record.

Check out the full video.

Breakfast Hash with Ham Potatoes and Kale

A Delicious Start to Your Day

Our twist on traditional hash. Easy to make and so delicious your family will be back for more. Add poached eggs and you’ve got a meal that will make your brunch or breakfast extra special. Click here for the full recipe.